User Story : Paywall

User Story

As a teacher, Alice wishes to make her educational notes available to fellow teachers. Having put a great deal of effort into it, she would wish to get access to different notes from other teachers in return, or put up a pay wall for new teachers that have not yet prepared notes. Alice will set the price of access, and a license indicating it is not to be shared further. Bob, having obtained some credits on Alice's system purchases the notes, and starts working on his own presentations, which he would like to share in a similar way.


Alice secures some educations material in a folder in her solid pod. She shares the URI on her website or home page.

Bob's attempts to access the URI, and receives a response, HTTP 402 - Payment Required.

Bob will require some credits in his wallet in order to pay. And will require an inbox to post credits to, as well as, an amount to pay.

More to follow. This is a work in progress