Wallet Creation


We are going to create a wallet that integrates with the lightning network. A wallet is a multi user distributed ledger. Our wallets will be public for the the reference implmentation but solid allows private and shared wallets, you just need to change the ACL.


The first thing we need is a URI for the wallet.

We will also need a random number in order to create a key and seed for our node.

From that we will create a lightning node.

We will also need a solid pod and webid.


Solid Setup

Pick a container in your pod to create the wall

Follow the instructions to create a wallet

Give the wallet a name

Lightning Setup

Convert your entropy into a keypari

Create a seed from your keypair

Set up a lightning node with your seed

Save your public key from the seed

Your node alias must be your wallet URI

Record on the block chain

Cost : 1600 satoshis


The txid needs to be saved

Record in space

Currently only testnet


The txid must be saved

Live Demo